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Strategic Partners


Welcome Potential Strategic Partners

As Strategic Partners of ApecTec you will benefit through offering your services to exceptional oil and gas opportunities.

We are looking to expand our business network with highly experienced individuals, professionals and regional or global professional service firms who offer services listed in the categories listed below:


Application Form

Professional Service(s) provided by you or your Firm:
Please check all that apply:
Legal Please specify field of practice: Corporate Law
Securities Law
Patent Copyright Law
Immigration Law
Oil and Gas Law


Marketing Services
Public Relations
Selling Services
Geological and Geophysical
Engineering Consulting (eg. evaluation, reservoir, completion)
Infrastructure (pipelines, gas processing)
Please specify:
Oil  Please specify:
Gas  Please specify:
Telecommunications Consulting  Please specify:
Other Services  Please specify:


Personal Information
First Name
Last Name
Job Title
Company Name
(if applicable)
E-mail address
Telephone (incl. international code)
Work Home
Facsimile (incl. international code)
Work Home
Best time to contact you


Company Information
Company Name
Company Address
Company Website
Number of Employees
Brief Business Description


Other Information
Please provide examples of projects you have completed:
Please provide (in 75 words or less) information on your experience:
Please provide a list of countries you target:
Please provide a list of your office location(s):
How did you hear about ApecTec?
Name of person and company who referred you?
Other Comments


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