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Barclay W. Hambrook

Barclay W. Hambrook

Barclay Hambrook, P. Eng., MBA has over 25 years of oil and gas industry experience. His experience includes engineering, investing, corporate financing and international marketing. Being an entrepreneur himself and having personally invested in the upstream (e.g. production, reserves, development drilling) and midsteam (e.g. gas plants, facilities) sectors of the oil and gas industry, he appreciates what it takes to succeed.

Barclay has been responsible for advising and managing over $100 million invested into small and medium sized various oil and gas projects. One project involved his identifying, evaluating, negotiating, purchasing and then reselling for profit a $23 million producing oil property-all occurring within 3 months. He funded and managed joint venture partnerships to drill low risk exploration and development wells which had a 90% success rate. Barclay has structured and funded early cash flowing, joint ventures to build gas plant processing facilities. He acted as financial advisor to one of the largest Asian Trusts on a multi-million tax-leveraged investment (i.e. seismic and drilling program) with a junior Canadian oil company.

As the oil and gas financial analyst for a private investment firm, he researched, analyzed, recommended, managed due diligence and negotiated investments which included the acquisition of a control block in a Toronto Stock Exchange listed Oil & Gas company. He served as its' Chairman, appointed a new board of directors from his industry colleagues, and helped initiate the company's turnaround. Today, this company has grown into a major independent producer with investors having enjoyed high ROI.

Since 1988, he has been president of Enercana Capital and has provided financial advisory services to oil and gas and technology companies. Services have included preparation of professional business plans, financial analyses, valuations, offering memorandums, and technical reports in accordance with Canadian and United States securities and financial institution standards. Barclay has served on boards of directors of private equity and public companies. He has prepared offerings and memorandums successfully used by clients to raise private equity and public venture capital, restructuring, partnering and litigation support.

Barclay has traveled extensively (e.g. Europe, Middle East, Asia) and has successfully conducted international business. He attributes his success in international markets to a keen appreciation and respect for local customs, history, and culture and his desire to build strong personal and successful business relationships.

Barclay is a professional engineer and a long time member of the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA) and is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). He resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and his name appears in the Canadian edition of Who's Who. He received his B.SC. in engineering from the University of Calgary and his M.B.A. (Finance and Marketing) from the University of Toronto.

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