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Who We Are
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Who We Are

Barclay W. Hambrook
Barclay W. Hambrook
Company Background

The founders of ApecTec have over 60 years combined experience in oil and gas, corporate finance, private equity and investment banking-helping companies and entrepreneurs raise money; and helping investors on several continents. Their experience includes financing of joint ventures, both small and large, drilling joint ventures, oil and gas property acquisitions and sales, investing in marginal oil wells, gas plant financing and funding private and public oil companies.

The founders' success is the result of building trusting relationships with entrepreneurs and investors and by applying a Win:Win philosophy to business transactions. ApecTec was founded to serve the needs of oil and gas entrepreneurs and private equity and venture capital investors.

The founders' favorable experience of private equity and venture capital investing on the ground floor, at the seed stage; combined with their experience of investing in North America, the Middle East and Asia led to their decision to establish ApecTec.

Why was ApecTec formed now?

Our founders believe the "timing is everything" strategy, given:

  • Growing need for financing oil and gas joint ventures and startups.
  • Growing needs of investors to be unlimited by geography.
  • Demand for globalizing of the oil and gas industry.
  • Advantages of learning from others' mistakes (e.g. market corrections).
  • Favorable World trade growth outlook for the whole oil and gas sector.

What makes Calgary a good location for ApecTec?

Calgary is strategically located in the Western part of Canada, near the Rocky Mountains in the province of Alberta, and is Canada's oil and gas capital and center of financing.


Fast Facts About Alberta

Alberta's extensive technology infrastructure, strong knowledge base and favourable business climate makes us industry leaders in oil and gas.


The oil industry is the foundation of Alberta's modern economy. We are one of the world's top energy producers with large reserves of oil and natural gas. The oil sand deposits in Alberta are the largest in the world.  In 2001, production from conventional oil, oil sands and pentanes was 1.53 million barrels/day.

In 2001 Alberta accounted for:

  • 69% of all the energy produced in Canada
  • 65% of Canada's conventional oil
  • 80% of Canada's natural gas
  • 100% of Canada's bitumen and synthetic crude oil


Natural Gas

Natural gas is becoming increasingly important as an energy fuel worldwide. In 2001, Alberta's marketable natural gas deliveries totaled 5.1 trillion cubic feet, making it the world's 2nd largest natural gas exporter.

In 2001, the production of natural gas liquids (ethane, propane, and butanes) totaled 165 million barrels, valued at $2.27 billion.

Alberta holds a 13% share of the U.S. natural gas market.


International Trade

With over 55 years experience developing oil and gas reserves, Albertans have a history of innovative performance that is world class. Over the last five years, our international trade in goods and services has achieved an average, annual growth of almost 10%.   Albertans are known for conducting business with a strong focus on export markets. We are proud to trade with over 150 countries. More than 2,000 Alberta businesses are exporting goods and services. Annual sales exceed $38 billion.


A Leader in Enhanced Recovery . . . More from Your Reservoir

Alberta is recognized around the world for enhanced recovery techniques for mature reservoirs, as well as for rehabilitation of oil and gas fields. We have an immense amount of advanced expertise on using solvents instead of steam for more efficient extraction, and gas boosters to lift output from marginal wells.

Alberta software is used to model the movement of fluids for a wide range of recovery processes, including thermal stimulation. This software is used around the world.


Pipelines and Transportation . . . Let's Move It!

Albertans are well known for their talent in design, procurement, construction, and management of pipelines. We have taken our expertise everywhere from tropical jungles to hard rock alpine passes. We know how to efficiently move gas and oil, including heavy oil, over vast distances and varied terrain.


Heavy or Sour . . . Alberta's Got the Power!

Alberta's multi-million-dollar research has produced dozens of innovative technologies and processes. These new methods are used to lower the cost of developing heavy oil and sour gas.

Alberta is also a leader in the safe handling and exploitation of deep, high-pressure sour oil and gas. This includes sour gas clean up, sulphur handling, and inhibiting corrosion.


Alberta Oil Sands

Construction of oil sands industry projects is a major driver behind the current level of economic activity in Alberta. Oil projects account for almost 65% of all major projects.  During the operational phases of these projects (most of them have life spans of 30 years or more), they will contribute to the economic well being of the province through long-term employment creation, purchases of goods and services, and payment of taxes and royalties.

Oil sands industry expansion also places stresses on the social fabric and the biophysical environment. These need to be managed and mitigated where possible. Mitigation involves the timely identification of the issues, information sharing among all stakeholders, and the initiation of appropriate and often multi-party initiatives. 


About ApecTec's Founders...
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