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Helping Investors Find Global Opportunities
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Helping Entrepreneurs in Oil and Gas

We assist entrepreneurs needing seed, early stage or joint venture funding and funding for Oil and Gas projects. Projects may vary from development drilling (e.g. bypassed pay, in-fill wells, re-completions), production acquisition, infrastructure, processing equipment, applying proven technology or startup of a new service company. We may decide to invest ourselves or we may offer your investment opportunity to private equity investors venture capital or corporations. We can appreciate your need for complete confidentiality. By using ApecTec, Entrepreneurs can spend more time building their business.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions for Entrepreneurs and then Apply for Membership.

Top 10 Investment Opportunities

Entrepreneurs may be a professional engineer, geologist, landman, field operator already employed (who may wish to one day start his/her own oil company or who wishes to build up his/her own individual assets and cash flow) or may be a small independent producer who knows of a special project, or may have special knowledge (e.g. engineering, geological knowledge) of a project (e.g. overlooked reserves, opportunity to exploit quality reserves). No investment opportunity is too small.

  1. Gas Plants: New or used gas plants, acquiring interests in existing plants or moving modular plants.

  2. Marginal or Mature Wells: It is uneconomic for larger companies to produce marginal and some mature wells. An Engineer or Field operator may know of a special situation where well(s) could be acquired and economically produced or exploited. Field life may be extended.

  3. Missed or Bypassed Pay: Larger oil companies may be interested in only certain geological formations where multi-zone hydrocarbons are present, and may bypass, miss or overlook oil and gas pay that may be of interest to entrepreneurs or small producers.

  4. Incremental Production: A production engineer or field operator may be aware of a special situation where production may be increased from a well or field.

  5. Production Optimization: A field operator or engineer may be aware of a situation where specific knowledge may increase, optimize or improve recovery or increase production.

  6. Production Acquisitions or Management Buy Out: An individual may know of a special opportunity where others have overlooked additional reserves or where production maybe brought on in near term.

  7. Shut in, Stranded Gas, or Abandoned Wells: An entrepreneur may see value for tie-ins where others do not.

  8. Recompletion and Workover: It may only take small remedial action to restore production.

  9. Development Drilling: Step out or infill drilling may present a significant, low risk opportunity.

  10. Facilities: Gathering systems, tankage, transportation or other facilities may only need to be de-bottlenecked or small investment may help increase production.
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