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ApecTec's Mission

Our mission is:

  1. To help oil and gas and petroleum entrepreneurs to joint venture, partner and start, grow, and finance;
    • promising investment opportunities
    • promising early stage companies and
    • companies employing technologies to enhance oil and gas operations.

  2. To help investors find exceptional investment opportunities in oil and gas.

  3. Subsequent to demonstrating success and growth from the early stage investment stage we are positioned to help entrepreneurs and their companies with later stage financing, and ultimately in accessing public capital markets.

Achieving our Mission

To achieve our mission, we help:

  • Investors find early stage investment opportunities through improved access to investment opportunities and saving of investors time and money.

  • Entrepreneurs raise funding or capital by connecting them with a growing international network of experienced private equity and angel investors who are looking to make early stage investments and provide them with Value Added Services, guidance, support and mentoring.

  • Promote networking and synergies between entrepreneurs and investors.

Our experience in oil and gas and technology investing, investment banking, and forming joint ventures; combined with our connections in Canada, the Unties States, Europe, Middle East and Asian investment communities help ensure success in sourcing funding.

Through a detailed and careful Screening Processwe find investment opportunities with the greatest potential. These become Investment Opportunity Member Companies.

We also screen investors for suitability, qualifications and relevant experience. These investors then become Member Investors. Our Investors include high net worth individuals (angel investors), private equity, venture capital firms, corporate and institutional investors.


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